Furnishing Your Medical Practice's Waiting Room

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When it comes to furnishing the waiting room of your medical practice, you'll want to consider aesthetics, comfort, and convenience. Fortunately, there are many options that allow you to meet all three of these considerations. Use the following ideas as inspiration when you are ready to furnish your waiting room.

Smaller Seating Groups

Patients in your waiting room may not want to sit too close to other patients. This can be due to a desire not to get others sick or to not be exposed to the illnesses of others. Instead of creating long rows of seats, opt instead for smaller seating groups. Collections of two and four chairs make it easy for patients to sit with friends and family members while still enjoying a bit of added personal space. You can separate seating areas by adding small tables between the chairs, or you can arrange chairs in separate groupings throughout your waiting room.

Wipe-Clean Fabrics

Keeping your waiting room clean is essential in a medical practice. Look for chairs and sofas made with wipe-clean upholstery, which can easily be sanitized throughout the day. Avoid plush fabrics that can trap germs and dust, and consider darker colors that might not show stains quite as easily. If you have a children's area in the waiting room, consider adding plastic child-size chairs and tables that can be easily cleaned as well.

Calming Decor Pieces

Your waiting room can be a place where patients feel anxious or nervous. They may be awaiting test results, or they may be concerned about a potential diagnosis. Making your waiting area feel as calming and comforting as possible can be a great way to help alleviate anxiety. Think of different decor options that can make the space more inviting. Large fish tanks with colorful fish swimming about can offer an excellent distraction for both children and adults, while potted plants and flowers can make the room feel a bit more cozy. If you do add plants or flowers, be sure to use silk or plastic to prevent triggering allergy symptoms in patients sensitive to pollen and plants. Serene wall art is also a good option for waiting room decor.

Think of other ways you can make your waiting room a more hospitable place to be. Wall-mounted televisions offer entertainment and distraction, while outlets with USB ports provide a way for patients to stay connected to mobile devices while they wait. All these details can make your medical practice waiting room a comforting and supportive place for your patients.

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