3 Tips For Solving Your Construction Staffing Shortage

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Being short-staffed as the owner of a construction business has a huge impact on your bottom line. Your construction projects aren't completed as quickly as they should be, your existing employees are likely overworked and spread too thin, and these things can quickly hurt your reputation with customers. This is the time to be proactive in solving your current construction staffing storage and preventing future problems by following these tips:

Post on Construction-Specific Job Boards

Posting to general job boards means too much time spent weeding through applications from unqualified applicants. Only those workers with true construction backgrounds are likely to check out jobs on construction-specific sites, so this is really the way to go. In many cases, you can also look at posted resumes by searching for relevant skills and job titles in your area. By doing this, you may find a gem of an applicant who wouldn't otherwise see your job listing.

Offer Unique Benefits

Obviously, you need to pay well to be competitive in the construction industry, but many top applicants are also interested in unique benefits that will make your jobs more appealing than the competition. One example is to offer ongoing education, such as specialized certifications that will allow your more talented workers to advance their careers and learn new skills while working for your company. Financial benefits, such as free debt management or investing classes, a matching 401K program, or a health savings account will also attract more candidates.

Don't Overlook Soft Skills

While your employees need solid construction skills, in order to create a winning, reliable team, you also need to hire for the right personality traits. A strong work ethic, a positive, can-do attitude, an ability to collaborate and get along well with others, and a tendency to find ways to solve problems on their own are the types of soft skills that can make your construction business more successful. If your workers will be interacting with customers, they also need polished and friendly customer service skills.

When hiring, be on the lookout for these traits during the interview process. Ask questions relating to work ethic and attitude when calling to check references. If someone seems unreliable or especially negative during the hiring process, they are most likely not a great fit, despite their skillset. 

A construction staffing shortage is always stressful, but by following these tips you will quickly gain control over the situation. For more information, contact companies like Construction Resumes.