Tips For Moving From A Temp Position To A Permanent Position

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Many employment agencies offer both temporary and permanent job placement. If you currently have temp employment but want to move into full-time permanent employment, there are a few things you can do to increase your odds of success.

Know Which Jobs Are Open to Permanent Labor

Some jobs are by their very nature seasonal. Regardless of how hard you work or how much they like you, they aren't going to be able to translate it into a permanent position. When you take jobs, you should inquire as to whether or not it has the potential for becoming a permanent position. Keep in mind that even though employers may be open to hiring someone permanently, it may not be a priority.

Inquire Into What the Job Is Looking For

If a position is open on a permanent basis, it's a good idea to find out what they're looking for in a permanent employee. Do they want someone who fits into the company culture? Who can take charge? Or do they just want someone who can show up and do the work each day? Every business is different, with different needs and values. Knowing what to shoot for can help. 

Maintain Consistent Performance

Ultimately, there's nothing you can do to ensure that you get a permanent position. However, you can help your odds by remaining consistent. Though you don't need to do overtime every day, you should always come in on time and avoid leaving early. If you need to take a sick day, it should be justifiable. Try to avoid taking days off and get work done quickly. 

Don't Forget the Human Element

It isn't just the human resources department that has a say in who is hired. You may find that the people you're working with can be directly responsible for your hiring, as they may put in a good word for you. If a company's culture is strong, they will likely consult anyone you deal with when thinking about whether you could be a good fit. Take some time to know the other employees and the management.

More than anything, it's important to be clear with your recruiter that you're looking for a permanent position. Many employers are looking for permanent workers, and your recruiter's primary goal is to make all parties happy. Your recruiter will work for you as long as they know what your goal is. Contact a company like Employment Source for more information and assistance.