Lighting Concepts To Consider For A Model Home

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When decorating a model home, the lighting concepts you choose can be just as important as the rest of the model home furniture you select. Here are a few ways you can incorporate different lighting concepts into your model home decorating to make the property you are selling more appealing.

Statement Chandeliers

For some rooms, such as the dining room or foyer, a statement chandelier can create a stunning focal point. The chandeliers can also serve as inspiration for how potential home buyers can customize the house they buy after seeing your model home. Lantern-style pieces with seed glass and Edison-style bulbs can evoke a vintage or industrial feel in the room, while crystal chandeliers deliver classic elegance. Decide on a decor theme before purchasing any furnishings for the home, and then choose statement chandeliers for rooms you want to highlight.

Statement Floor Lamps

Floor lamps serve as both furniture and lighting for a room. Instead of selecting unassuming designs that will simply illuminate the space, look for bold designs that accent your chosen decor theme. Tripod-style lamps with linen shades can deliver a Mid-Century modern look to a bedroom or family room, while large three-arm floor lamps with chrome accents bring modern inspiration to a living room seating area. Pair the floor lamps with coordinating table lamps to create a cohesive look, and mirror the color scheme of the lamps with coordinating throw pillows on the sofas or bed in the room.

LED Candles

While not a traditional way to light a room, LED candles can bring a soft glow to your model home to make it feel a bit more cozy and inviting. Consider adding flameless LED candles to dining room tables, bath vanities, and coffee tables to enhance your overall lighting concept. Tea lights in glass votives offer an ideal option for bathrooms and dining tables, while pillar-style candles make a perfect centerpiece on a coffee table. If possible, look for scented flameless candles to bring an element of aromatherapy to each room of the model home. One added benefit of these candles is that they can be used over and over again in model homes, while chandeliers and other permanent lighting fixtures will likely stay in the home as a perk for buyers.

As you look for lighting fixtures and furnishings for your model home, remember that you want to make the space feel as bright and warm as possible. Look for lights that offer brilliant illumination and warm tones to create that cozy feel you need to make the model home appealing to potential buyers.