3 Ways To Prove To Clients They Need An Old Water Well Plugged

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For a really long time, private water wells were the go-to way for general landowners to gain access to water on their property. However, as cities and towns have evolved and developed, public water supply systems have done the same. Many of the old water wells people relied on fell out of service and into dysfunction with years of non-use, but most people simply left these wells idle and ignored instead of having them plugged. If you are a water well contractor looking to gain a few new clients, it is well worth attempting to spread the word that old water wells do need to be plugged. Here are a few ways to convince prospects that plugging their old water well is a good idea. 

Old water wells can be a huge safety hazard. 

One of the biggest concerns of having an unplugged water well on your property is the fact that it can be a safety hazard. If someone falls into your well, you could be held liable for the damages they incur. If you have small children, livestock, or pets, they can be at risk of falling into the well as well. There have been several cases of this happening across the country. 

Old water wells can lead to groundwater contamination. 

One often-unthought-of problem with old ground wells is the fact that they leave an untended pathway to groundwater supplies in the area. Unfortunately, if a well is not covered, the runoff of water into the well can lead to contamination of groundwater supplies. For instance, if an old well is in the middle of a crop field, the fertilizing agents that are used in the area can slip into the well and directly contaminate the groundwater. 

Old water wells can cause instability in the ground around it. 

Old water wells are basically giant holes that run deep into the ground. Over time, the walls of the well can erode and fall apart. Unfortunately, this can lead to instability of the ground around the well. A property owner could start to see problems with the opening enlarging if it is not properly reinforced. Additionally, issues with sinkholes around the well can become a problem if the well is especially full of water at periodic times throughout the year. Plugging a well can actually be a way to protect the integrity of the ground around the well. 

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