2 Trouble-Free Ways To Use Social Media To Sell Gold Jewelry As A Side Gig

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If you love gold jewelry, there is a chance you're thinking about selling some of it on the side. If it's something you'd like to do as a side hustle to earn extra cash in between your regular job, you can take a few different approaches to get more people interested in what you're selling and eventually get them to buy some gold jewelry from you. In fact, you don't have to own a physical jewelry store to start making sales each day. Social media sites provide plenty of options for those who are looking to sell products, including beautiful bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

Use the Live Feature on Facebook

The live feature on Facebook has become a popular way for entrepreneurs to talk about the products they're selling, show those products off to viewers, and get them to make purchases. If you're going to use this feature on Facebook to sell your gold jewelry, there are some things you should know. Make sure you have the live videos set to public so that all kinds of people who are browsing Facebook will be able to find your video.

Public live videos regularly show up in suggested videos for Facebook users who are browsing the site through their phones. Viewers will have the ability to comment on your live video to discuss the pieces you're showing off and find out how much those pieces would cost. If someone is interested in something you're showing during the video, you could have them private message you to get more details and complete the transaction using a safe payment processor, such as PayPal.

Post Photos on Instagram While Using Hashtags

Along with using Facebook to sell gold jewelry, you may want to give Instagram a try. Many small boutiques use the social media site as a way of gaining new customers by posting high-quality photos and using the right hashtags to make it easier for those potential customers to find the types of items they're specifically looking for while they're browsing. If you're posting pictures of the jewelry you have available, women and men may start privately messaging you and commenting on the photos to get more details and then buy what you're selling. 

Selling gold jewelry on the side is a great way to earn some extra cash. If it's something you'd like to do in your spare time, consider using social media sites to help you connect with potential buyers, show off what you're selling, and eventually get people to buy those items.