Staying On Top Of The Day-To-Day

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A growing business is a fantastic thing! Profits, publicity, and popularity all rise as your business grows. As more and more orders start coming in, however, the task of keeping everything running day-to-day becomes increasingly challenging. Where once a receptionist could easily answer every question posed by every caller, employees now find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer volume of calls that only seems to increase daily. Where once an administrative assistant could keep up with all the office mail, now the increase in business has the office frazzled, working all hours. Where once a manager was able to personally deliver important documents to the desk of each designated employee, now there are so many tasks which require the attention of the boss that there's simply not enough time for such things!

As your business grows, it's time to invest in some new tools which will make the routine tasks of the office manageable. Here are three must-haves for your growing business.

Automated phone system

How can we help that overwhelmed receptionist? Well, the chances are that many incoming phone calls can be sorted out quite easily through an automated phone system. When callers dial the number for your office, they will first be directed to a message instructing them to press the number which corresponds to their query. Frequently asked information can then be played automatically, or the call can be directed to the correct department. For example, the welcome message may instruct the caller to press option two to hear the business hours, or press option five to speak to the manager. This will significantly decrease the amount of time spent on the phone for employees and will help callers' needs be addressed quickly and efficiently.

Paper folder inserters

What about the frazzled administrative assistant? As a growing business, you may not yet have experienced the wonders of a folder inserter. This machine can take that freshly printed pile of confirmation letters, fold each one individually, and insert it into its own distinct envelope. Then the machine seals the envelope and deposits it neatly into the tray, ready to be popped into the outbox. This process is incomprehensibly more neat, efficient, and timely than preparing each individual letter by hand.

The cloud

Can anything be done to aid the busy boss? Those important documents which need to be carefully shared and protected can certainly be safe in the cloud. The cloud can refer to any program which connects computers, making it easy to share designated documents with the correct employees. There are many websites which offer such services. Additionally, there are professional programs which are designed specifically to handle sensitive information. With the click of a button, a manager can distribute the correct files to hundreds of employees at a time.

As your business grows, it's important to stay on top of the routine tasks which keep the company running. Staying on top of the day-to-day routine means that you stay on top each week, each month, each quarter, and throughout your entire career! For more information on folder inserters for sale, contact your local equipment suppliers.