Ideas For Custom Engraved Headstones

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There are many ways you can go about having a headstone engraved. The endless options allow for people to choose a headstone they feel is a special one that will do the memory of their loved one well. The information here will go over some different ideas on epitaphs and inscriptions that you can use to get some inspiration. With that inspiration, you will be led to the best way to present your loved one's headstone.

Heartfelt Inscription

A heartfelt inscription on a headstone is a more basic way to display your loved one's information so that their grave can be identified. This can be the most cost-effective, but it doesn't mean it can't be just as special.

You can provide the pertinent details including their full name, date of birth, date of death, and a special quote. A few examples would include, "Loving daughter, wonderful wife" or "Dear husband, brother's best friend."

Special Quote Inscription

Along with their information, you can have special quotes inscribed into the headstone. The quote you choose should be something that somehow represents them. It can be a quote they were known for saying, a quote they shared with loved ones, or a quote that fits how others saw them.

For example, a quote could be something like, "Be bold, be brave," if this was something they said often. Or, a quote may be something like, "Love ya bunches," if they were known to say this to loved ones often. The inscription may also be something like, "Proud and Fierce 'til the End," if this is how people saw them.

Framed Print

You also have the option of having the inscriptions engraved right into the headstone in a nice font type. However, if you would like the headstone to look fancier and for the inscriptions to really stand out, then you can also have a frame engraved into the stone. Within that frame, the inscription can be placed.

Artwork Engravings

You can have artwork engraved into the headstone that adds a special touch to it that helps to make it even more personalized and touching. In fact, you can even have a beautiful and happy photograph of your loved one who has past away etched into the headstone so that everyone who sees it can remember them with a smiling heart. 

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