How To Use COB Strip Lights Around Your Home And Property

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You might have seen chip on board (COB) strip lights in use in different places, and you might find these strip lights to be really appealing, interesting, and attractive. In fact, you might even be wondering if there is any way that you can implement the use of these lights around your home. If this is the case, you will probably be excited to find that these lights can be used on your property in a number of different ways. Of course, if you get creative, you can probably come up with uses for these lights yourself. However, you can get started with the ideas listed below for COB strip lights.

Create Outdoor Paths and Walkways

One fun way to use COB strip lights is to use them outdoors to create paths and walkways. You might want to light up the walkway that leads from your driveway to your front door, for example, and these strip lights can be great for this purpose. Once they are put in place, you might love the look of the light that they provide. Plus, you might find that you, your family members, and your guests will feel more comfortable walking on your walkways once there is lighting there to make it easier to see.

Add Extra Lighting in Your Kitchen

Next, you can use COB strip lights so that you can add extra lighting in your kitchen. You can place it along the tops of your cabinets for a light glow, or you can string them underneath your cabinets so that you will be able to see better when you're cutting ingredients and doing other things on your kitchen counter. In addition to being fully functional and easy to install, these strip lights can add a nice, attractive glow in your kitchen and can help you really show off your nice cabinets or countertops.

Add to Display Cases in Your Home

If you are a collector of just about anything, you might like to show your collection off to the people who visit your home. If you have items in a display case, for example, you might want to make it easier for you and others to see your collection, and you can do just that by adding COB strip lights inside your display case.

If you don't already have COB strip lights in use around your home and property, now might be a good time to invest in and use these lights. Once you have a few COB strip lights on hand, you might be able to come up with tons of ideas for using them, and you can always use them for the ideas listed above as well.