Why Land Surveys Matter In Commercial Real Estate Investing

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An important part of buying commercial real estate is having commercial land surveys completed first. If you rely on a professional and reliable company, these surveys can bring about the following things that you need before a big commercial real estate investment. 

1. Identify Utility Line Locations 

If you plan on doing some groundwork for a commercial property you're thinking about investing in, then it's important to know where the utility lines are. This is paramount if you want to manipulate the ground safely. A commercial land surveyor can provide this meaningful location data.

All utility lines in the area will be shown on an accurate map, which you and contractors will be able to easily follow along when the groundwork is required. It may be for additional utility lines, utility line repairs, or some other type of major renovation. Either way, land surveys will help this type of work go off without major utility line damage and accidents. 

2. Show Clear Boundary Lines

With any sort of commercial real estate investment, knowing where the boundary lines are is critical in giving you relevant data needed to either proceed with the sale or back out for something that fits your budget and space needs.

You will have no trouble finding out what boundary lines are present around a commercial property by hiring a commercial land surveying company. They can perform this analysis according to high standards so there is no doubt where the boundary lines are. They'll be clear as day.

3. Prevent Encroachments

After purchasing a commercial property, you may wish to expand structures be it parking lots or additional buildings. Before you do though, it's a good idea to work with a commercial land surveying company that can show you exactly how to avoid encroachments.

Their land surveys will detail property lines that other owners are responsible for. Once you know what these are, you can stay clear of them during your renovation and that's huge in keeping encroachments from happening.

They can get nasty and even lead to legal disputes, so avoiding them through commercial land surveys is just something you want to take advantage of before any work is done. 

A lot of problems in commercial real estate investing are mitigated because of land surveys. They just need to be handled by a local commercial land surveyor. Then you as the investor can avoid some challenges.