How A Handyman Can Help With Yard Cleanup

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If you want to get your yard in order for spring and summer, and you need more services than what a lawn care company can provide, consider hiring a handyman. They do a variety of work so they can help you with the things you're unable to do yourself as long as the work is on their allowed services list. Here's a look at how a handyman can help with one-time yard cleanup.

Weed, Trim, And Mow

A handyman can trim back low branches on trees, weed around your plants and trees, and mow the grass. Your lawn will be in order fast without you having to do anything other than point out the trees you want to be trimmed and the places in your yard you want to be weeded.

Paint, Wash, And Repair

If you have a wood fence that's old and wobbly, the handyman can make repairs and pressure wash or paint the fence to get it in good shape again. They can also pressure wash your patio or deck to make your property look fresh and clean.

Edge, Plant, And Mulch

If your flower and plant beds have been neglected for a long time, you might want the handyman to put in new edging, add soil, and put in new plants. Once that's done, they can top the soil with mulch so the beds need minimal weeding and care.

Build, Deliver, And Improve

You might want a handyman to build raised garden beds for your backyard so you can plant a garden. They might also pick up and deliver patio furniture and lawn decor. They help improve the appearance of your property in many ways. They might even make minor repairs to your driveway or put a coating on it.

A handyman can do many of the improvements you could do as a homeowner, but some things are beyond what they are allowed to do with their license. If you need a licensed contractor, the handyman will let you know so you don't violate any codes when you're improving the appearance of your yard and property.

When you need a lot of random work done or just a few minor jobs, you'll appreciate hiring someone with a wide range of skills. If it's hard for you to do yard work yourself, your yard can get scraggly and unattractive fast. Once that happens, it's often difficult to get your yard back in order unless you have the help of someone capable of doing all the tasks needed to clean, declutter, mow, and improve the appearance of your property.

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