When Should You Call A Forestry Consultant About Your Woods?

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In most cases, a landscaping company and perhaps a tree care company can handle all the work you need to have done on a standard residential lot. However, if you have a really densely wooded area on your property, there might be times when you really need someone who knows more about forests — like a forestry consultant. Workers in this industry are experts on the types of trees that tend to grow in dense forests and also on the ecosystems that exist between the trees and the other plants and animals in the forest. Here are some signs it may be worth calling a forestry consultant.

Many of your trees are dying

When you have a lot of wooded land, you're going to come across dead trees from time to time. It's just a part of the natural cycle. However, if you have noticed a lot of dead trees lately, there may be something more serious going on. There could be a disease spreading and killing the trees, or there could be something in the soil that is killing them. A forestry consultant can come to analyze what types of trees are dying and draw some conclusions from there. They may also take samples of the soil or of some of the leaves on the dying trees. The goal is to figure out what's killing your trees so that the issue can be addressed and your trees stop dying.

Excessive brackets

Brackets are the large, fungal bodies you sometimes see emerging from tree trunks and major tree branches. Some refer to them as "big mushrooms." Brackets grow at the end stages of certain fungal tree diseases, like heart rot and butt rot. These diseases are highly contagious. So, if you see brackets on a few trees, you may have many other infected trees that have not reached that stage yet. It's a good idea to have a forestry expert come take a look. They may be able to diagnose and treat some trees before they reach the stage of bracket growth. (By the time brackets emerge, the tree is usually past saving and is also at risk of falling down.)

Forestry consulting services can be really helpful when you have a big piece of wooded property. If you notice that many of your trees are dying or have brackets, you should have them come take a look. They're great at offering diagnoses and giving you a course of action.