Why Choose A Custom Engraved Headstone For A Deceased Loved One?

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Headstones or tombstones are slabs placed over a loved one's grave indicating their information, i.e., name, date of birth and death, personality, etc. They act as grave identifiers; without them, it would be difficult to differentiate different people's graves. Custom engraved headstones make a popular choice for tombstones if you're looking for a great way to memorialize your loved one. The following are some reasons you should use a custom engraved headstone.

Creates Everlasting Memories 

When you lose someone close, it's normal to try and hold and keep safe every memory of their existence. A tomb or a grave leaves you with the memory of your loved one, and you should take measures to protect and preserve it. Without proper care or mastering the location, you're likely to forget where you buried a loved one a long time. Using custom engraved headstones helps you avoid that. They're heavy and made of robust stones like granite and marble, making them resistant to weather damage, rot, and decay. Moreover, the prints and the artwork don't lose color, and you won't need costly maintenance measures like repainting. That leaves you with a durable tombstone to last generations.

A Beautiful Show of Love 

Another benefit of custom engraved headstones is that it creates a beautiful and unique resting place for your loved one. That's because it allows using different stones, such as granite and marbles, which you can further customize to improve the aesthetic appeal. For example, marbles come in different colors, e.g., green, grey, beige, cream, etc. A monumental mason uses various colors to create a beautiful tombstone commemorating the deceased's legacy. Various coloring options also allow you to express how you feel towards them or the circumstances surrounding their demise. A custom engraved white headstone may symbolize purity and peace and can be ideal for a deceased infant or someone who lived a virtuous life, e.g., an adored religious leader. 

Allows Personalization 

Another advantage of custom engraved headstones is they allow you to personalize your loved one's experience. You can choose colors, designs, shapes, and writings that reflect the deceased's life or personality. For instance, if they were a sportsperson, you can incorporate the logo of their favorite team, colors, or achievements. On the other hand, if they were war veterans, include their services to the nation, medals, etc. Moreover, custom engraving allows for designing symbols that reflect a person's religion, art, culture, and other customs they believed in. Visiting a loved one's grave with custom engraved headstones allows you to reconnect with them through their life experience. It also gives you a better understanding and personalized experience of the life they led.

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